My 2023 TBR

Every year I make a list of 10 backlog books (so no new releases) that I want to read in the coming year. Mainly consisting of books I already own or of favourite authors, this should be an easy task. Last year I scored 8/10, I hope to do even better in 2023.

  1. Written in my own heart’s blood by Diana Gabaldon

A book I didn’t manage to read last year. A bit on purpose as I want to take my time for the Outlander series and, with my busy private life, I wouldn’t be able to do that. After my move this year I hope to focus on this big book.

2. A column of fire by Ken Follett

The other book of my 2022 list I didn’t get to. I hope to finally grab my hands around it in 2023. This is also a big book that will take some time, but I know that I’ll enjoy it.

3. The steel beneath the silk by Patricia Bracewell

The last book in the Emma Of Normandy trilogy. I’m curious to see where Bracewell will end her story (and what she’ll write next).

4. The reindeer hunters by Lars Mytting

After reading The bell in the lake it’s time to return to Norway for this second part in the Hekne series. An ideal winter read.

5. Kingdom come by Toby Clemens

‘Kingdom come’ is the last book in this series about two common people during the Wars of The Roses. I hope this series will give Thomas and Catherine a great ending. And too bad, we haven’t got any other books from Toby Clemens in a while.

6. The queen’s promise by Lyn Andrews

A novel that has been on my physical shelves for a few years now so it’s finally time to read it. It’s about Anne Boleyn and her infatuation on Henry Percy. Books about Anne Boleyn are always tricky, so let’s see if I like this one.

7. The stone rose by Carol McGrath

The final book in the she wolves trilogy, but they can all be read as stand alones. This is about queen Isabella of France becoming the wife of Edward II. A dangerous couple.

8. The heretic queen by Michelle Moran

I want to read more about Ancient Egypt so this next book from Moran about Nefertari seems like the perfect start.

9. The marriage portrait by Maggie O’Farrell

I’m so excited that I’ll be going to Florence in March. And it just seems nice to read this book set in 16th century Florence before my holiday. I already have it on my shelves so that should be easy.

10. The woman of Troy by Pat Barker

This list can’t be complete without a Greek myth retelling on it. I still need to read Barker’s follow-up novel of ‘The silence of the girls’. In 2022 there were other myth retellings to lead me away from my cause, but this year I will get my hands on this one.

Ten books to look out for. Do you have a 2023 TBR?


3 thoughts on “My 2023 TBR

  1. I’ve read some of these and enjoyed them. You do need plenty of time for the Gabaldon and Follett books! I would like to read The Marriage Portrait this year too. I hope you enjoy visiting Florence!

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