Top Ten Tuesday: new-to-me authors I discovered in 2022

It’s been a while since I participated in the TTT, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. But I always tend to participate when this topic is on: new authors I’ve read in the previous year. I did read lots of books from authors I haven’t read anything from before, but today I choose 10 authors I want to read even more novels from.

  1. Jennifer Saint

I read both Elektra and Ariadne from this new voice in greek myth retellings. I loved both books and look forward to her new release ‘Atalanta’.

2. Miranda Malins

Also a relatively new author. I read Malins’ second book ‘The rebel daughter’ about Bridget Cromwell. I want to read her other book covering Frances Cromwell, the youngest daughter. And I’m curious what she’ll write about next. Another member of the Cromwell family or a whole other period?

3. Michelle Moran

I loved Nefertiti and want to read Morans other books about Ancient Egypt. She also wrote a book about Madame Tussaud and Napoleon’s second wife Marie-Louise for example.

4. Kate Quinn

Having finally read something from Kate Quinn, I want to get my hands on her other WOII and, more importantly, Ancient Rome and Borgia novels as this are time periods I find even more interesting.

5. Frances Quinn

Another Quinn :), I don’t need to say anymore that I loved this book. I already bought The smallest man and hope that Frances soon publishes a next novel.

6. Elodie Harper

And another new name in the historical fiction genre. Harper brought Ancient Rome to life and I’m excited to see if she chooses the same setting after finishing her ‘The wolf den’ trilogy.

7. Sarah Penner

The lost apothecary didn’t make it to my top ten, but I enjoyed this dual timeline novel. An ideal summer read. I already have Penner’s next book ‘The London Seance Society’ as a review copy for this year.

8. S.J. Parris

Heresy was the first book in a series surrounding Giordano Bruno in Elizabethan England. I enjoyed this mystery and want to try the next book ‘Prophecy’ somewhere this year.

9. Lars Mytting

When you can bring a small rural Norwegian community alive, you can craft a good story. Lars Myttings writing stands out and is different from other books. Again, there is a sequel novel I’m planning to read this year.

10. Stuart Turton

If we talk about being different and standing out, that’s exactly how I would call my experience of Turton’s second novel ‘The devil and the dark water’.

What new authors did you discover in 2022?


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: new-to-me authors I discovered in 2022

  1. I’ve read all of those authors except for Sarah Penner – although not all in 2022! I’m looking forward to Atalanta too and am also hoping to read the second Elodie Harper book soon.

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  2. I love Kate Quinn, she’s one of my favourites! I’ve read almost her WWII books, I just need to read The Huntress but I haven’t read The Borgias or the Rome series. I’m not sure the Borgias is for me as it sounds a little too romance heavy, but I’d like to read the Rome series-if I only I could find the somewhere! Annoyingly they don’t seem to have audiobooks which is how I prefer to consume Kate Quinn’s work.
    My TTT:

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