On this page you can find a list of all the reviews I’ve published on this blog. The books are sorted alphabetically by author surname. Note that if you can’t find a certain book, you could also take a look at my Goodreads account.


Andrews, Rosie – The Leviathan
Arnopp, Judith – The heretic wind


Belfoure, Charles – The Fabergé secret
Bracewell, Patricia – Shadow on the crown
Bracewell, Patricia – The price of blood
Brontë, Anne – The tenant of Wildfell Hall
Brontë, Charlotte – Villette
Burn, Joanne – The hemlock cure
Burton, Sarah – The strange adventures of H


Cheek, Mavis – Amenable women
Christie, Agatha – And then there were none
Clark, Alan Robert – Valhalla
Clemens, Catherine – The crimson ribbon
Clemens, Toby – Winter pilgrims (Kingmaker #1)
Clemens, Tony – Broken faith (Kingmaker #2)
Clemens, Tony – Divided souls (Kingmaker #3)
Collins, Elena – The lady of the loch
Collins, Sara – The confessions of Frannie Langton
Cornick, Nicola – The last daughter
Cornwell, Bernard – The empty throne (Saxon series #8)
Cornwell, Bernard – The warriors of the storm (Saxon series #9)
Cornwell, Bernard – The flame bearer (Saxon series #10)


De Rosnay, Tatiana – Flowers of darkness
Doerr, Anthony – Cloud cuckoo land
Dumas, Alexandre – The man in the iron mask
Du Maurier, Daphne – Jamaica Inn
Dunant, Sarah – In the company of the courtisan
Dunn, Suzannah – The testimony of Alys Twist
Dupont-Monod, Clara – The revolt


Ferrante, Elena – My brilliant friend
Follett, Ken – World without end (Kingsbridge #2)
Forster, E.M. – Howards end
Fremantle, E.C. – The poison bed
Fremantle, E.C. – The honey and the sting


Jones, Dan – Essex Dogs


Gaskell, Elizabeth – North and South
Garthwaite, Annie – Cecily
Gortner, C.W. – The Romanov empress
Graham, Winston – Ross Poldark
Graham, Winston – Demelza


Haig, Matt – How to stop time
Halls, Stacey – The foundling
Halls, Stacey – Mrs England
Harding, Flora – Before the crown
Harding, Flora – The people’s princess
Hardy, Thomas – Far from the madding crowd
Harffy, Matthew – A time for swords
Hargrave, Millwood Kiran – The mercies
Harper, Elodie – The wolf den
Harper, Elodie – The house with the golden door
Haynes, Nathalie – A thousand ships
Haynes, Nathalie – Stoned blind (Medusa’s story)
Healey, Jane – The animals of Lockwood manor
Heywood, Claire – Daughters of Sparta
Heywood, Claire – The shadow of Perseus
Hickson, Joanna – First of the Tudors
Hickson, Joanna – The Tudor crown
Holloway Scott, Susan – I, Eliza Hamilton
Honeyman, Gail – Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Hornby, Gill – Miss Austen


Iggulden, Conn – The gates of Athens (Athenian #1)
Iggulden, Conn – Protector (Athenian #2)


Kafka, Franz – The trial
Kalogridis, Jeanne – The scarlet contessa
Kelly, Martha Hall – Lost roses
Knowles, Mark – Argo


Lawrence, D.H. – Lady Chatterley’s lover
Lawrence, Mary – The alchemist’s daughter
Lea, Caroline – The glass woman


Maclean, S.G. – The bookseller of Inverness
Macneal, Elizabeth – The doll factory
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – Love in time of cholera
Maitland, Karen – The vanishing witch
Mallins, Miranda – The rebel daughter
Masterson, Meghan – The queen’s dressmaker
McGrath, Carol – The silken rose
McGrath, Carol – The damask rose
McKinley, Tamara – Spindrift
Mengiste, Maaza – The shadow king
Miller, Madeline – Circe
Moran, Michelle – Nefertiti
Mosse, Kate – Labyrinth
Mosse, Kate – The burning chambers
Mosse, Kate – The city of tears
Mytting, Lars – The bell in the lake


Nabokov, Vladimir – Lolita
North, Claire – Ithaca


O’Brien, Anne – Queen of the north
O’Brien, Anne – A tapestry of treason
O’Farrell, Maggie – The marriage portrait
Owens, Delia – Where the crawdads sing


Paul, Gill – The collector’s daughter
Penman, Sharon Kay – When Christ and his saints slept (Plantagenets #1)
Penner, Sarah – The lost apothecary
Peters, Glynis – The forgotten orphan
Pike, Signe – The lost queen
Purdy, Emily – The Boleyn bride


Quinn, Frances – That bonesetter woman
Quinn, Kate – The Alice network


Saint, Jennifer – Ariadne
Saint, Jennifer – Elektra
Salinger, J.D. – The catcher in the rye
Sansom, C.J. – Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake #3)
Sansom, C.J. – Revelation (Matthew Shardlake #4)
Sansom, C.J. – Heartstone (Matthew Shardlake #5)
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure island
Sullivan, Laura L. – Milady
Sykes, S.D. – Plague Land (Oswald de Lacy #1)
Sykes, S.D. – The butcher bird (Oswald de Lacy #2)
Sykes, S.D. – City of masks (Oswald de Lacy #3)


Taylor, Andrew – The ashes of London (Marwood & Lovett #1)
Taylor, Andrew – The fire court (Marwood & Lovett #2)
Taylor, Andrew – The king’s evil (Marwood & Lovett #3)
Taylor, Andrew – The last protector (Marwood & Lovett #4)
Taylor, Andrew – The royal secret (Marwood & Lovett #5)
Tolstoj, Leo – Anna Karenina
Turton, Stuart – The devil and the dark water


Vreeland, Susan – The passion of Artemisia


Walker, Alice – The color purple
Walters, Minette – The last hours
Ward, Michael – Rags of time
Weir, Alison – Captive queen
Weir, Alison – Catherine Of Aragon, the true queen
Weir, Alison – Anne Boleyn, a king’s obsession
Weir, Alison – Jane Seymour, the haunted queen