New in #3

Which books are new on my shelves?

Library haul

My boyfriend was so sweet to pick up my reservation at the city library (I’m still working from home, so I can’t go during my lunch breaks any longer). Reservations are free at the moment which is great, but which also means that a lot of books that are on my TBR were already borrowed or reserved. So it took me a while to choose these three diverse books.

The fire court by Andrew Taylor: I wanted another historical mystery to sweep me away so I’ll give the second book in the Marwood and Lovett series a shot. I’m curious if I’ll like it more than ‘The ashes of London‘.

Katherine of Aragon, the true queen by Alison Weir: I was actually looking at Weir’s older books. But in the past, I didn’t always like them. So I decided to read her recent work on the six Tudor queens to discover if I still want to read her work or not.

Flowers of darkness by Tatiana De Rosnay: I love De Rosnay’s writing style but I’m not always enthusiastic about the topics she writes about. This one is about artificial intelligence. I wouldn’t pick this kind of story if her name wasn’t on the cover.

Netgalley haul

I’m not requesting lots of books anymore, but I am really happy to be approved for these three:

Cecily by Annie Garthwaite: about Cecily Neville, one of my favourite women of the Wars Of The Roses.

The strange adventures of H by Sarah Burton: this book is already out and I’ve have read some very positive reviews about it. It’s a gothic tale set in Restoration England.

The girl from Versailles by Meghan Masterson: I’m not whether this is the same book as ‘the wardrobe mistress‘ (I think it is) or whether it is a sequel, as it has the same main character. But I’ve always wanted to read a Masterson book.

Kindle haul

I, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott: I couldn’t resist this one when it was on sale. I’ll definitely get my Hamilton fix this year :).

Tender is the night by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Another deal. I bought this one already as it is on my classics club list.

Which books have you bought recently?


New in #2

Hi guys, how you’re all doing? In Belgium there are some new COVID-19 restrictions, so I’m back at working from home every day of the week, at least for the coming month. This also means I will not be able to get to the library a lot :(. Luckily I have some new reads on my shelves.

From the library

I still managed to go to library at the beginning of this month! Lucky I am. There weren’t many book available from my autumn TBR however. This is what I picked up:

Sovereign by C.J. Sansom: the only book from my autumn TBR. Looking forward to reading this one.

The confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins: I was looking for ‘The binding’ by Bridget Collings when I stumbled on this one. The beautiful cover and the promise of a dark gothic story lured me in. I immediately started reading this one.

The gates of Athen by Conn Iggulden: I can’t say how much I loved Iggulden’s series about Caesar and Brutus. But I’m a bit behind with his other books (his Wars Of The Roses trilogy for example). This is the first book in a new series set in ancient Greece.

New e-books

The heretic wind by Judith Arnopp: I’ve always wanted to read something of Judith Arnopp. When I saw that this one about Mary Tudor was a Kindle deal, I decided to give it a chance. Mary I is not my favorite Tudor character, but I find her reign and the struggles between Catholics and Protestants quite interesting.


In the meantime, I’ve been approved for some interesting Netgalley books.

A time for swords by Matthew Harffy – A book about the battle between Danes and Saxons. This will be my next Viking fix.

The revolt by Clara Dupont-Monod – A short novel about Eleanor Of Aquitaine and her sons. It’s a translation from a French book and I’m already reading this one. So far, I like it.

The fabargé secret by Charles Delfoure – A book during the tsar regime in Russia. I always love pre-revolution stories set in Russia.

The forgotten orphan by Glynes Peters – A WOII story. I don’t know what to expect from this one but I will give it a chance.

Which books are you looking forward to reading? What’s new on your shelves?

New in #1

I’m still figuring out what kind of other content and formats I want to bring here, apart from reviews of course :D. But one of the things I like to read on other book blogs is new books they have bought or picked up at the library, so that you know what kind of reviews you can expect the coming weeks. And it’s always fun to have a look at someone’s shelves, isn’t it?

Here’s my first ‘new in’ post. The plan is to discuss new books I borrowed from the library, bought on kindle or as a physical copy, or ARC’s via Netgalley.

From the libary

I’m an avid fan of the library in the city where I work, but due to COVID-19 I couldn’t visit the library since July. Such a shame! My boyfriend and I finally went during our holidays and we both picked up some interesting books. For a Dutch library, they offer a lot of English fiction and as I didn’t prepare my visit I just strolled through the English shelves. These are the ones I took home with me:

The passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland: this is a book that wasn’t on my TBR, but I recognized the title immediately as Goodreads has been recommending this book to me for ages. It’s about the Italian paintress Artemisia (DUH) and that’s all I know about it for now.

The ashes of London by Andrew Taylor: a historical mystery set during the Great Fire of London. I’m exciting to start reading this one, as it has been a while since I read a mystery novel. It’s the first part in a series, so if this is good, I have some more books to discover.

The last hours by Minette Walters: a historical novel about The Black Death seemed somehow appropriate at the moment. Minette Walters is an author unknown to me so I’m not quite sure if I will like it. Let’s see!

New e-books:

For my 27th birthday my boyfriend bought me an Amazon gift voucher (he’s great, I know :)), so now I only need to decide which books to buy. My wishlist is still growing so that shouldn’t be a problem. I already picked up one book (I’ve been strong).

Milady by Laura L. Sullivan: This is retelling of ‘The three musketeers’ from Milady de Winter’s perspective. Milady is my favorite female character ever, so I really hope this will make for a great story. I don’t know the author by the way.


I’m totally new to this platform and I’m just looking around to see if it’s something for me or not. I picked up and reviewed the lost queen already. As a new reviewer, my options are limited to ‘read now’ books – as my feedback ratio is not yet above 80% I guess.

Before the crown by Flora Harding: I’m currently reading this book about Elizabeth II and the start of her relationship with Prince Philip. It’s the first time I read about the Windsors. Moreover, I still need to start watching the Netflix series ‘the crown’ (shame on me).

Have you read any of these? Which books are new on your shelves?