What do I want to read in 2021?

I’m not the kind of person who sets a fixed TBR for each year, season or month. I love the
spontaneity of just grabbing an interesting read in the library. But because of that, it might occur that the books on my shelves, Kindle and wishlist are being neglected by library reads. A TBR can help to prioritize the books I really want to read. So, this is an experiment to see if a yearly TBR with a limited number of highly anticipated books (already on my shelves) will help me pick these up sooner.

So I decided to select this 10 books I would like to finish in 2021:

  1. First of the Tudors by Joanna Hickson

This one was also on my autumn TBR, but I chose ‘Queen of the north’ over this one. However, I do want to read more of Hickson’s books. And this one about Jasper Tudor is next.

2. Amenable women by Mavis Cheek

A dual timeframe novel about Anne Of Cleves that I bought at a library sales. It has been on my shelves for more than a year now and I hope this to be an entertaining and easy read.

3. Revelation by C.J. Sansom

The next Matthew Shardlake is set during Henry VIII’s last marriage with Catherine Parr. I won’t wait long to read this.

4. World without end by Ken Follett

I have bought this one for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. We both enjoyed Pillars of the earth a lot, but the books are huge and I hope having a physical copy will help to prioritize this series. The third book, a column of fire, is already on my shelves ;).

5. A book from C.W. Gortner

This can either be the Vatican princess that tells the story of Lucrezia Borgia or The Romanov Empress about Maria Feodorovna (I own both). I love his writing.

6. The scarlet Contessa by Jeanna Kalogridis

The first kindle book I bought but still haven’t read. It always gets snowed over by other books, but I do love the story of Catherine Sforza. It feels like I’m saving this one for the perfect moment, but as perfect doesn’t exist, I do want to read it this year.

7. Warriors of the storm by Bernard Cornwell

This is the next installment in the Saxon series about Uthred of Bebbanburg. I loved the cliffhanger of the previous book, the empty throne.

8. Of price and blood by Patricia Bracewell

I’m not good at finishing trilogies if I wait to long with starting the second book. But I don’t want this to happen with Bracewell’s book. The first novel about Emma Normandy was one of my top 2020 reads, so I just have to read ‘the price of blood’ in 2021.

9. A thousand ships by Nathalie Haynes

Let this be my next Greek retelling fix! It has been on my radar for more than a year now.

10. The Essex serpent by Sarah Perry

Another one I can borrow from my boyfriend that neither him nor I’ve read. I have no clue why I’m waiting to start this one. It seems like the perfect autumn read.

What will you be reading in 2021?


Autumn TBR

Autumn is here and although is’t not my favorite season and I’m already missing summer, I still think it’s better than winter. Long nature walks, board game nights with friends and of course some reading under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.

I might be late to the party but I decided to make an autumn TBR as I don’t have specific reading plans yet and this post can help me pick up a next book. According to Goodreads I only need to read six books by the end of the year to finish my reading challenge of 35, but I hope to finish above that number.

Books I hope to grab in the library:
It’s always a guess which books I can borrow from the library, so mostly my list is a lot bigger than I know I will be able to read.

As I won’t make it to the library as much as in non covid times and I need to choose from what is available then, I’ll probably also bring home other books not mentioned above.

Kindle books on the shelf

I still have three interesting books to go on my Kindle, maybe this autumn?

Netgalley books

In the meantime, I’ve been approved for some really interesting Netgalley books, most of them with a publication date in December, so I will read them this autumn.

From my own bookshelves

Sometimes I forget I also have some physical books to read from my favorite authors :D. I have selected two that might be my next read.

  • Queen of the north by Anne O’ Brien – I loved ‘the shadow queen’ by Anne O’Brien a lot. So I’ve decided I want to read all of her books. This story about Elizabeth Mortimer is set during a rebellion under king Richard II’s reign.
  • First of the Tudors by Joanna Hickson – I’m lagging behind in reading Hickson’s books. She’s in the middle of some books set at the beginning of the Tudor reign. First of the Tudors is about Jasper Tudor, Henry’s VI uncle who helped him win the throne.

I know I won’t be able to read all these books this autumn, and I might even pick up some that aren’t on this list. But it’s always nice to have some inspiration when choosing my next read.

What will you be reading this autumn?