The trial by Franz Kafka

Josef K is arrested when he walks out of his bedroom with the message that his trial is being prepared. He doesn’t know what he’s charged with and nobody seems to be able to help him out with that.

Pfioew. Kafka is hard. 😅 I admit: I read this book quickly (it’s not that big), because otherwise I would get too depressed. The trial is one of Kafka’s unfinished books with a strong beginning and gripping end. And then something in between. I didn’t really have the courage anymore to also read the fragments that Kafka hadn’t yet given a place within the story.

The story is chaotic and at times claustrophobic. Josef K lives in a kind of totalitarian regime and ends up in a bureaucratic incomprehensible legal system. With corridors and secret attic rooms full of offices. This is the layer I understood, no doubt there is much more symbolism in it, but there is also so much uninteresting dialogue in the book that I didn’t want to dwell on it too long.

The women in the book are only out for sex and often not very intelligent. I have since learned that Kafka wrote this after a break-up and we must of course place it in its time, but I find the perspective on the women somewhat problematic.

I can now use the word Kafkaesque in conversations and that in itself is an achievement :).

This is book 13/50 for the classics club.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Have you read Kafka?


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