New in #3

Which books are new on my shelves?

Library haul

My boyfriend was so sweet to pick up my reservation at the city library (I’m still working from home, so I can’t go during my lunch breaks any longer). Reservations are free at the moment which is great, but which also means that a lot of books that are on my TBR were already borrowed or reserved. So it took me a while to choose these three diverse books.

The fire court by Andrew Taylor: I wanted another historical mystery to sweep me away so I’ll give the second book in the Marwood and Lovett series a shot. I’m curious if I’ll like it more than ‘The ashes of London‘.

Katherine of Aragon, the true queen by Alison Weir: I was actually looking at Weir’s older books. But in the past, I didn’t always like them. So I decided to read her recent work on the six Tudor queens to discover if I still want to read her work or not.

Flowers of darkness by Tatiana De Rosnay: I love De Rosnay’s writing style but I’m not always enthusiastic about the topics she writes about. This one is about artificial intelligence. I wouldn’t pick this kind of story if her name wasn’t on the cover.

Netgalley haul

I’m not requesting lots of books anymore, but I am really happy to be approved for these three:

Cecily by Annie Garthwaite: about Cecily Neville, one of my favourite women of the Wars Of The Roses.

The strange adventures of H by Sarah Burton: this book is already out and I’ve have read some very positive reviews about it. It’s a gothic tale set in Restoration England.

The girl from Versailles by Meghan Masterson: I’m not whether this is the same book as ‘the wardrobe mistress‘ (I think it is) or whether it is a sequel, as it has the same main character. But I’ve always wanted to read a Masterson book.

Kindle haul

I, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott: I couldn’t resist this one when it was on sale. I’ll definitely get my Hamilton fix this year :).

Tender is the night by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Another deal. I bought this one already as it is on my classics club list.

Which books have you bought recently?


7 thoughts on “New in #3

  1. I have been approved for Cecily on Netgalley too. I’ve just finished another book about Cecily Neville – The Queen’s Rival by Anne O’Brien – so I’m curious to see how Annie Garthwaite writes about the same subject.

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