Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me authors I read in 2020

TTT is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and every Tuesday there’s a new topic to list ten books. Today is all about new authors I discovered in 2020. Of the 39 books I read in 2020, 24 authors were new to me. So I’ll limit my today’s top ten to authors I want to read another book from.

  1. Caroline Lea

One of my favourite reads of 2020. I enjoyed Lea’s writing a lot! Her next book is called ‘the metal heart’ and has a totally different setting (WOII) so I’m really curious if I’ll like it as much as ‘the glass woman’.

2. Pat Barker

Pat Barker wasn’t the kind of author I was drawn to until she started writing Greek retellings. I love Greek retellings! The silence of the girls is a raw and feminist retelling of The Trojan War. And I’ll certainly read the sequel ‘The woman of a Troy’ which is to be released in 2021.

3. Patricia Bracewell

Another solid 5-star-read of 2020. This is only the first book in a trilogy about Emma Of Normandy. I hope to read the next book(s) in 2021.

4. Carol McGrath

Another first part in a trilogy. And next to this Rose trilogy, she has another one about woman that played a vital role during and after the battle of Hastings in 1066. So I’ll certainly look to McGrath for another excellent historical read.

5. Andrew Taylor

I’m always looking for a good historical mysterie and Taylor offers just that. I’m curious if I’ll like the second book in the Marwood and Lovett series even more than the first, which was a bit slow at times.

6. Gail Honeyman

I believe the whole book lovers community is waiting for her next novel, isn’t it?

7. Susan Vreeland

Authors who write about art and painters always tend to grab my attention. Her book about Vermeer is on my TBR.

8. Winston Graham

I have eleven more books to go in The Poldark saga. Luckily, I enjoyed Graham’s writing :).

9. Marcus Zusak

Yes, I know. It took me ages to read The book thief. And of course, I loved it. But I’ve heard his other books aren’t that great. So I’m not quite sure if I’ll read another one of him.

10. Matt Haig

Although ‘How to stop time’ didn’t make it to my top list of 2020, I still enjoyed his writing. And I know so many people who love all of his books. So I’ll definitely try another one.

What was your favorite new to you author from 2020? And have you read any of these?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me authors I read in 2020

  1. Someone got me the Pat Barker book as a Christmas present, but then we were banned from meeting up over Christmas because of the second wave of the wretched virus, so I’m still waiting to read it!

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  2. You’ve already got one up on me, since I haven’t read The Book Thief yet. xD Even though I own it and have been meaning to for years. I did want to try Bridge of Clay, though! I enjoy Matt Haig’s books, too, and if you enjoyed How to Stop Time (even if you didn’t love it), I’d definitely recommend The Midnight Library!
    Here’s my TTT post.

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  3. Wow, you read a lot of new authors last year! I started 2021 with Haig’s THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY, which I liked but didn’t love. It’s the only book I’ve read by him.

    I’m glad you discovered some good ones in 2020. Here’s to finding even more in 2021!

    Happy TTT!


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    • The series follows the first 8 books. Only the last season wasn’t based on the books. I only read the first book and that is quite true to the series. The books are written in the 1950’s so the language may seem a bit old and as in the series there are some Cornish dialect words from Jud and Prudie

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      • Good to know! As I said, I really enjoyed the show, so I think I’ll have to check out the books. 🙂


  4. I started reading the Poldark Saga because I liked the show. Luckily, Winston Graham is a marvelous writer. I’m waiting for my audiobook hold on the tenth book right now. 🙂

    Lauren @ Always Me


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