My bookish wishlist

I’m not really a Christmas type of person. Who am I kidding? I’m not at all a Christmas person. Sorry not sorry. I don’t even set up a Christmas tree. So in my family, we don’t do presents. And I don’t mind that. In my boyfriend’s family, we do. In Belgium, we don’t know if Christmas will be even allowed this year (thanks covid, and maybe this time I even mean it). Nevertheless, I decided to make a wishlist of books that I still want on my physical shelves. So that if we do have a Christmas party, I can link to this blogpost ;). If not, I’ll probably buy them all myself one day 😅.

I’ve ‘The song of Achilles’ sitting on my shelves in the Dutch hardcover edition. And I love the sound and cover art of Circe. So I also want this on my shelves. I don’t exactly like the Dutch cover of Circe, so I still don’t know in what language or edition to buy this one. Maybe the English paperback or hardcover edition?

Because she’s my favourite author and I’ve all her books on my shelves. I love this cover 🤩. And although, I’m a bit sad that Fremantle decided to write more historical thrillers instead of historical Tudor fiction, I still like the sound of this story.

This has a total different cover in Europe compared to the US. I think I prefer the US version because it’s more Tudor related (and there are black ravens on it), but this cover is also very pretty. I have all Joanna Hickson’s novels on my shelves, so I want to continue this.

Yes, a non-fiction book. I just love Dan Jones his documentaries and I would like to have this book on my shelves to delve into the history of the Plantagenets. It’s more of a coffee table book for me that I can push into people’s face when people visit me so that I have an excuse to talk about English history.

Just look at that cover ❤️. I already have some of Chadwick’s books on my shelves (the Eleanor of Aquitaine trilogy), but I’m most excited about her newest release. And I haven’t been excited for her new releases in a while, so I really hope to get my hands on ‘A marriage of lions’.

Or ‘the queen’s choice‘ or ‘the forbidden queen‘ of the same author. I already have a few books of her series about Plantagenet women on my shelves, so I want to expand my collection. This one about Elizabeth of Lancaster sounds interesting. Although I miss the typical cover art that I’m used of O’Brien.

I loved Sarah Bower’s other book ‘Sins of the house of Borgia’ (or alternative title: ‘the book of love’). And have been looking for this one ever since. The edition that I actually once saw and loved (but didn’t buy, stupid I know) is not available anymore (not even on a photo in Google), so I’ll settle for anything that is available :). There is also a version with a half naked woman on the cover. All good for me.

Also a favourite author from whom I have different books on my shelves. I don’t want his books about American women, but this one is still on my list. As Catherine De Medici is a historical figure that interests me a lot. And I’m curious to see which perspective Gortner will bring on this scandalous woman.

This is a new-to-me author and the first book in a trilogy set around 1066. I might want to buy this one day as a physical edition, but maybe I’ll download it one day in my kindle. Not sure yet. But I would be happy to get this one as a gift.

So that were 9 books that I would like as a present or that I’ll buy myself one day for my physical shelves. I’m always nervous when I ask for books that they will give a book from a total different genre than I’m used to (like a thriller or a chicklit). I’m really picky on the books I read and especially on the ones that I buy as a physical copy. Or is this just me?

Have you read any of these books? Do you ask for books as a Christmas presents or is that just a silly question? :D.