January recap

I didn’t post a recap of December (I only read two books in December, Miss Austen and When Christ and his saints slept), but now I’m back for January. January was a good first reading month, with lots of diversity in terms of scenery.


Circe is a book I kept for the perfect time. I wanted to make it my first book of the year. I loved it and know that it will be there in my favourites list of 2023. Although, I must say I still prefer Nathalie Haynes’ Greek myth novels.

Lost roses was another favourite, it’s about three women during WOI and the Russian Revolution. A bit dramatic and with many coincidences, but I was engrossed with it. The shadow king is a special book about a -for me- unknown period in time (Mussolini’s attack on Ethiopia in the 1930’s). The alchemist’s daughter was a light read on the train but couldn’t convince me to read the next books in the series. Three new to me authors also this month, I only read a book from Miller before (the praised ‘A song for Achilles’).

Number of pages read: 1.577 pages
Number of books finished: 4
Favorite read: Circe
Centuries visited: B.C., 16th century and 20th century
Countries visited: England, Russia, United States, France, Ethiopia and Greece (diversity ;))
Currently reading: The royal secret by Andrew Taylor and The lady of the loch by Elena Collins
Next up: Maybe The marriage Portrait or The shadow of Perseus.

Reviewed and blogged

Added to my TBR

Not so many books because it was a busy month.

How did you start your reading year?


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