Books coming out in 2023 that I can’t wait to read

Instead of looking back to what I’ve read in 2022 (I wait for that until I finish the last page of 2022), I want to look forward to the new books that will hit the shelves in 2023. I haven’t been asking a lot of e-arcs yet. But I’ve taken a look in the upcoming (historical) books list of Goodreads and some other websites to compile this list. All of them are from authors I’ve previously enjoyed reading.

The temple of Fortuna – Elodie Harper

The third and final book in this much beloved trilogy. I loved to read about Amara’s journey in Pompeii. And as we all know, it will not end well for the city, but how will it end for Amara?

Atalanta – Jennifer Saint

Ariadne and Elektra were great books, so I don’t expect less from this one. Atalanta is a mythical figure I absolutely know nothing about. So this should make for even greater reading pleasure.

The London Seance Society – Sarah Penner

Anything set in (Victorian) London might do the trick for me. I enjoyed The Lost Apothecary and am curious about this one with a different topic.

The king’s pleasure – Alison Weir (The heart and the crown is the UK title)

A book from Henry’s viewpoint! Which is I believe difficult to write, but I didn’t dislike Henry in the Tudor queens books I’ve already read from Weir. I’m curious to see what she makes of him.

Prize women – Caroline Lea

Anything by Lea is an auto read as I loved The glass woman. I still need to read The metal heart though. This novel is set in Canada in the 1920’s.

Disobedient – Elizabeth Fremantle

My favourite author writing about the paintress Artemisia, a historical figure I’m quite interested in. Especially as it will bring us to Italy. And I believe it’s the first time Fremantle doesn’t write about the English court?

A marriage of fortune – Anne ‘O Brien

I keep an eye on anything ‘O Brien writes. Although I still need to read many of her books, including the first book about the Paston family of which this is sequel.

The shadow of Perseus – Claire Heywood

Heywood’s Daughters of Sparta wasn’t bad at all. I enjoyed reading it. Now she’s writing about Perseus and Medusa, it feels reminiscent of Stone blind.

The stolen crown – Carol McGrath

I still need to read her last book ‘The stone rose’, but I’m curious about this novel that tells the story of Empress Matilda.

Of course, there will be a few more books that will attract my intention during 2023.

Which books are you looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Books coming out in 2023 that I can’t wait to read

  1. I’m looking forward to most of those books too. I love Jennifer Saint’s books and Atalanta should be a good one! The new Alison Weir book will be interesting too, as we don’t often get to see Henry’s point of view.

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