October recap

And yet another month has passed! Although I did finish 4 books, this wasn’t my best reading month. I was ill twice which prevented me from reading and the books I read didn’t always turn out as I hoped they would. Nonetheless, October is also the month that I passed my Goodreads reading challenge and abandoned my classics club for a while.


I read three new-to-me authors and one book of my favourite author. North and South was my 40th book of the year and so my Goodreads challenge is now finished. I believe this is a week or two later than last year. I knew that I would finish 40 without problem. But I don’t want to add more pressure in raising my challenge.

North and south was a classic from my classic club list. And, however, this isn’t a bad book – I did enjoy it at times-, I can now say that I’m done with reading difficult language books for a while. Especially when they’re slow in pace. I’m just too busy with building my own house and life lately to be able to ‘work’ again while reading.

Number of pages read: 1.465 pages
Number of books finished: 4
Favorite read: â€˜The honey and the sting‘, although it’s not my favourite Fremantle
Centuries visited: B.C., 17th century, 19th century and 20th century
Countries visited: England, France and Greece
Currently reading: Nefertiti by Michelle Moran (I love it so far)
Next up: no idea yet!


Added to my TBR

  • Little by Edward Carey is one of those books that has peaked my interest at a few times and that I want to borrow from the library some day.
  • Black drop by Leonora Nattrass, looks like an interesting new series for me to try out

What was your favourite read in October?


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