September recap

September means getting back into routine when halfway the month you start to realize that time feels to move a lot quicker than during Summer. So when I started writing this recap, I thought it was a bad reading month. I didn’t read that much, did I? But no worries, I managed to read a normal amount of books. It’s just my imagination.


I finished 4 total different books. I didn’t like ‘My brilliant friend’ and ‘Ithaca’ as much as I hoped I would. But Essex Dogs and Heartstone both could make it to my end of year list of favourite books. Heartstone might also become one of my favourite parts of the Shardlake series.

Number of pages read: 1.869 pages
Number of books finished: 4
Favorite read: ‘Heartstone‘, but it was difficult to choose that one over Essex dogs
Centuries visited: B.C., 14th century, 16th century and 20th century
Countries visited: France, England, Italy and Greece
Currently reading: Kate Quinn’s ‘The Alice Network’
Next up: might pick up a classic or something from my psychical shelves

I was very distraught to hear about the death of Hilary Mantel. Although I still need to read ‘The mirror and the light’ and I didn’t like her ‘A place of greater safety’, I love her Thomas Cromwell series. I believe her to be a great author and it is sad to lose her this soon.

Reviewed & blogged

Added to my TBR

  • Winter in Madrid by S.J. Sansom, to try some of his other work
  • Lamentation because of course I’m looking forward to reading the next Shardlake installment
  • I bought a copy of The marriage portrait. I haven’t read anything by O’Farrell yet (no not even Hamnet)

How was your month?


One thought on “September recap

  1. Heartstone is a great book! I love the Shardlake series, although I still haven’t read the last one, Tombland. I’ve just finished reading Ithaca too and didn’t like it very much either.

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