My Six in Six #2022

Last year I participated for the first time to ‘Six in Six’ (read that post here). This meme is organized by Jo of The Book Jotter. The concept is to list six books that you’ve read during the first six months of 2022 in six categories of your own choosing. The categories can be anything, you can find a lot of inspiration in Jo’s sign up post.

It was a hard edition to find categories that made me able to use each book at least once, in which I succeeded :). I reused some of last year’s categories and made up a few new ones.

Six books set in a different century

Six books not set in England

Six books about a historical woman

Six books written by a male author

Six beautiful covers

6 stories that are famous from television

  • And then there were none (miniseries based on this book)
  • Labyrinth (miniseries based on this book)
  • Lord John and the hand of devils (character in the Outlander tv series)
  • Elektra (The Trojan War has been adapted for television many times)
  • Anna Karenina (many major adaptions)
  • I, Eliza Hamilton (Hamilton, the musical – available on Disney+)

I’m curious to see if you have made up a ‘Six in six’ post too. Please share the link in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “My Six in Six #2022

  1. I love taking part in this meme, but it’s always more difficult than it sounds. I like your choice of categories – well done for succeeding at using each book at least once! Those six covers are beautiful, particularly The Leviathan and Ariadne. My Six in Six post should be up tomorrow.

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