October recap

I don’t know what it is with October but it always feels like the longest month ever. I’ve been wanting to write this recap a few times now, but then I noticed it was still two weeks to go or so. 😅 It’s getting dark real soon, and we got a lot of rain. I’m no autumn person, which makes me think I don’t belong in the book blogging community since everyone seems to enjoy crawling under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a book. I do like that sometimes, but I’m a summer person and I always will be. And summer is still so far away 😢.


Ah well, I did manage to make time for reading. But after World without end, it wasn’t easy to find my flow again. I even decided to DNF a certain book: ‘Dark queen watching‘ from Paul Doherty. Doherty was an author I’ve been wanting to read for a time and this was one of his Margaret Beaufort mysteries so I thought I could jump right into the story, as I know a lot about the Wars of the Roses. And yes, I could jump right in but I found out I didn’t like it at all. Doherty’s writing is fine, but his story is full of secret organizations wanting to massacre each other, not really knowing why because they have been doing that since the birth of Christ or so. If there is one trope that I really hate it is secret organizations (I’m looking at you Dan Brown) and in this book there was even some useless bloody violence. I’m not a quitter usually, but this time I gave up. But what did I manage to read? Well, I finished 5 books!

I really enjoyed ‘The damask rose’ and ‘Revelation’, I love both series and this were excellent parts. Also, Broken faith was the second book in the Kingmaker series, I did like it but it felt more like an in-between book. The catcher in the rye was an easy to read classic that did make me experience how a torn teenage boy may look at the world.

Number of pages read: 2.219 pages
Number of books finished: 5
Favorite read: Revelation
Centuries visited: 13th century, 15th century, 16th century and 20th century
Countries visited: Ancient Greece, England and America
Currently reading: ‘Love in time of cholera’, my CC Spin result.
Next up: I have no idea yet :).




  • I’ve started Maximilian on Disney + about Emperor Maximilian and Mary of Burgundy
  • In Belgium, we now have our own historical series, which is also available in some countries on Netflix with English subtitles. It’s called ‘Thieves of the wood’ and is set in the 18th century. The main character is Jan De Lichte, some kind of Flemish Robin Hood.

Added to my TBR

Some new work from favourite authors, and some next installments in series I’ve been reading

What was your favourite book in October?

4 thoughts on “October recap

  1. You got a lot read last month! I’m like you and I tend not to quit reading a book once I’ve started, but I’m trying to get more realistic about the fact that there are some books I just don’t enjoy reading and life is to short to slog through a book that isn’t to your taste.

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