CC spin #28: my result

Last Sunday, the spin number of edition 28 was revealed. And the lucky number is 12! So if you have a look at the list that I made for this challenge, you’ll have figured out by now that my book is….

‘Love in time of Cholera’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez! I believe some people might not yet consider this a classic, but I added some more recent books on my list. I must admit this result scares me, as Marquez is one of those authors I’m afraid of without knowing why specifically.

I just think it’s because I didn’t have luck with other South-American authors I’ve tried? 🤷‍♀️ Also, the English version on Goodreads is said to have only 348 pages, but I remember it being longer? And then I checked to Dutch version and it’s 510 pages! What a difference that is?

Anyway, as it’s a Spanish novel, I’ll read it in the Dutch translation and I hope it will be available in the library (it’s not at the moment) before 12th November, the deadline of this Spin edition.

Have you read this book? Any motivational thoughts?


5 thoughts on “CC spin #28: my result

  1. I had Chronicle of a Death Foretold on my spin list, but it wasn’t #12. 😃 I haven’t read anything by Marquez yet, either. I’ll be eager to hear what you think!

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