September recap

September, that meant going back to the office most of the time and less corona measures. But also some sunny days and the cycling world championships in my city :D. So yes, this was a great month! I even managed to reach my reading challenge (in September yes, I also don’t know what got into me).


It’s an easy month to recap. Lolita was my 35th book of the year and so I surpassed my Goodreads reading challenge. I already can tell you this will be my best reading year ever. Thanks covid 😷, thanks bad weather ☔︎, thanks failed holidays… and thank God for books 😅🙏.

To celebrate I started a really big one. I love Ken Follett, but his books are heavy in pages. ‘World without end’ proved the perfect medieval escape during this busy month. ‘The collector’s daughter’ was a review copy of a much anticipated author for me. I read it during my train rides and enjoyed it. But maybe I had expected a bit more? I’ll definitely try another Gill Paul!

Number of pages read: 1.915 pages
Number of books finished: 3
Favorite read: World without end
Centuries visited: 14th century and 20th century
Countries visited: England, America, Italy and Egypt
Currently reading: The damask rose by Carol Mcgrath (and loving it)
Next up: I hope to grab ‘Revelation’ at the library and I’m looking for my next classic


Added to my TBR

  • The handfasted wife as I want to try some more books of McGrath
  • Matrix by Lauren Groff because it’s about the 12th century (not the kind of author I was expecting this as a setting from, but it sounds promising)

What’s the longest book you have read so far this year?


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