20 books of summer: how it’s going

Ok, we’re already more than halfway with this challenge and thus with summer! Can you believe it? Weather was terrible so far, so I didn’t read much in my happy place in the garden. But the forecast for the coming days and weeks looks promising—if you ignore the rain.

For the ’20 books of summer’ challenge (hosted by Cathy of 746 books) I made a list of 20 books at the beginning of June of which I try to read as many books as possible by the end of August. We’re now the 21st of July as I write this and I’ve already finished 8 books this summer. Which is a lot for my doing. Five of them are from the original list.

The whole thing of this challenge is about making a list and then not sticking to it, yes? :D. I especially read some library reads that weren’t mentioned on the list. I just needed to read on with Mosse’s ‘City of tears’ and I was also surprised to find ‘The animals of Lockwood manor’ available so I didn’t hesitate to take it home with me.

My favourite so far is certainly ‘City of tears’, closely followed by ‘Cecily’. It will not surprise you if I say that Hardy’s Far from the madding crowd proved my biggest disappointment.

Next up I’ll start ‘The last daughter’ by Nicola Cornick, a review copy I still need to pick up. Followed by my spin result ‘Treasure island’, which didn’t appear on my list but I’ll be happy to have read at least two classics during summer. And who knows what will be next? I hope to pick up one of my owned kindle reads as there are some books I’m really looking forward to reading. And I hope also to visit the library again in August.

If I keep up this pace, I will have finished around 14 books maybe at the 31st of August. Not bad. Not bad at all.

How is your 20 books of summer going?

4 thoughts on “20 books of summer: how it’s going

  1. You’re doing very well! I have read seven books from my list so far and three others that weren’t on the list. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer reading!

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  2. Nice! You’re making great progress! I’m glad your plans include “making a list and then not sticking to it” as well. 😀 I’ve been pretty good about my list but I’ve had a couple of ARCs that are going to replace ones on the original list, I think, but regardless, I’ve been loving having an excuse to read more!

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