June recap

Hi everyone! How are you? I can’t believe we’re already halfway 2021! I don’t feel the summer yet, as it’s raining in Belgium at least for two more weeks. πŸ™„ I really hope I can soon read in the garden under my favourite walnut tree for hours at an end. πŸ™

It also seemed a sad month. Lucinda Riley passed away, being only in her fifties. The news from Hungary broke my heart. Love is love β€οΈπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ.

The good news is I got vaccinated with the first dose and I al looking forward to the second (however strange this is to say). πŸ™Œ


I again had a great reading month. Still going strong with my 20 books of summer challenge. Although of course I actually don’t hope to come anywhere near those 20. I’m silently aiming at 15. But 12 or 13 would already be nice.

I have a clear favourite this month. ‘Cecily’ is still to come out in July but it tells the story of one of the most interesting women that played a part in the Wars of the Roses. I do hope Annie Garthwaite is here to stay as a historical fiction author.

I also have a clear disappointment and it’s Thomas Hardy’s famous ‘Far from the madding crowd’. It was one of the hardest reviews to write, because I know so many people love it and Hardy is such a great writer. But I just couldn’t stand the characters and didn’t like the plot at all. So this was hard to enjoy, despite the beautiful sentences. I’m sorry. Now you already know you can skip my review coming up if this is one of your favourites :D.

Number of pages read: 1.866 pages
Number of books finished: 4
Favorite read: Cecily
Centuries visited: 14th century, 15th century, 17th century and 19th century
Countries visited: England, France, Ireland and the fictional county of Wessex (England)
Currently reading: I’m finishing ‘Daughters of Sparta’, Claire Heywood’s Greek myth retelling of the lives of Helen and Clythemnestra of Sparta. I’m enjoying it.
Next up: Probably ‘City of tears’ by Kate Mosse
20 books of summer: 4/20


Added to my TBR


  • I loved ‘Raya and the last dragon’, a classic Disney story but with a modern female main character, no classic princess. And a lot of diversity in the characters. One of my new favourites!
  • We’ve also started the fifth season of Outlander to take us through summer.

What have you been reading? Any summer plans?

6 thoughts on “June recap

  1. A net for small fishes isn’t bad at all, except that the author annoyingly uses “Frankie” as a nickname for “Frances”, which no-one would have done until about the 1950s!

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  2. Great news about your vaccine – hopefully that will be a first step to enjoying the summer even more (once the rain goes away). Have you read The Dress Lodger by Sheri Holman? You might enjoy that one. It’s one of my favorites.

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