Demelza by Winston Graham

Demelza has just given birth to their daughter Julia and wishes to celebrate the occasion with a double baptismal party, one for Ross’ elite relations and one for their friends and Demelza’s family. But when her father pops up during the wrong party, Demelza hides away from shame. Her next undertaking is to bring cousin Verity and captain Blamey together again. For this, she has to go against her husband’s wishes. In the meantime, Ross has established the new Carnermore Copper Company to save the mines in Cornwall. In this he faces the Warleggans as his enemy. At the same time a young girl named Keren arrives with a theater group and the miner Mark Daniel falls in love with her.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read on with this series, after having read the first part ‘Ross Poldark‘. I enjoyed it but I would have liked more action. Still, I started Demelza because I needed a light read and now I can say that I enjoyed it more than the first book. The story felt more mature with different plotlines that all come together at the end. It was also easier to read that way. The book has been written in 1946 but the writing is still compelling.

I loved Demelza’s character development. In this book she turns into a young women who tries to please everyone around her and learns a few hard lessons in that regard. You feel her struggle trying to fit in while comparing herself to the high-bred and beautiful Elizabeth. I knew what would happen at the end of this novel, as I have already seen the BBC series. There is a lot of tragedy which still broke my heart.

Ross is the imperfect hero who I loathed and loved at the same time. In this book, we finally get introduced to Dwight Enys, my favourite from the series. His character still needs to develop further and for that I look forward to reading Jeremy Poldark, the next installment in this series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Have you read any of the Poldark books? Or seen the TV series?

4 thoughts on “Demelza by Winston Graham

  1. I read Ross Poldark a few years ago and enjoyed it, but never continued with the rest of the series. I would still like to read Demelza, but I hope I can still remember what happened in the first book!

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