Autumn TBR

Autumn is here and although is’t not my favorite season and I’m already missing summer, I still think it’s better than winter. Long nature walks, board game nights with friends and of course some reading under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.

I might be late to the party but I decided to make an autumn TBR as I don’t have specific reading plans yet and this post can help me pick up a next book. According to Goodreads I only need to read six books by the end of the year to finish my reading challenge of 35, but I hope to finish above that number.

Books I hope to grab in the library:
It’s always a guess which books I can borrow from the library, so mostly my list is a lot bigger than I know I will be able to read.

As I won’t make it to the library as much as in non covid times and I need to choose from what is available then, I’ll probably also bring home other books not mentioned above.

Kindle books on the shelf

I still have three interesting books to go on my Kindle, maybe this autumn?

Netgalley books

In the meantime, I’ve been approved for some really interesting Netgalley books, most of them with a publication date in December, so I will read them this autumn.

From my own bookshelves

Sometimes I forget I also have some physical books to read from my favorite authors :D. I have selected two that might be my next read.

  • Queen of the north by Anne O’ Brien – I loved ‘the shadow queen’ by Anne O’Brien a lot. So I’ve decided I want to read all of her books. This story about Elizabeth Mortimer is set during a rebellion under king Richard II’s reign.
  • First of the Tudors by Joanna Hickson – I’m lagging behind in reading Hickson’s books. She’s in the middle of some books set at the beginning of the Tudor reign. First of the Tudors is about Jasper Tudor, Henry’s VI uncle who helped him win the throne.

I know I won’t be able to read all these books this autumn, and I might even pick up some that aren’t on this list. But it’s always nice to have some inspiration when choosing my next read.

What will you be reading this autumn?

4 thoughts on “Autumn TBR

  1. That’s a great selection of books for autumn. Queen of the North is my favourite Anne O’Brien book and I enjoyed First of the Tudors, The Mercies and A Thousand Ships too. I’m also a big fan of the Shardlake series and I thought Sovereign was wonderful!

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